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Nic Shanker

Look forward to our new Meisterklasse with the popular bartender from the VOX show "First Dates - Ein Tisch für 2" and non-fiction author Nic Shanker ("Shake it Easy").
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Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
Now only 89 € incl. VAT

With 30 days money back guarantee


"A drink is not only made up of the right ingredients mixed together, it is a total work of art.
That's why when I think of a new one, it's not just about the taste, but also about the name, the glass and the decoration - everything has to fit." Nic Shanker takes you into the great world of cocktail art in his Meisterklasse . Stirred or shaken? Cocktails are all the rage and with this course, the drinks will taste just like in your favourite bar!

Spirits are a popular alcoholic drink all over the world. Nic brings together everything you need to know about the bar and spirits - from the origins of the most important drinks to the most popular cocktail recipes.

Dreaming of your own home bar? Nic shows you which bar tools you need
and which tips and tricks make mixing easier.

You are never lonely with a Negroni!
An aperitif is always good... But where does this term actually come from and why is a snack at the bar in combination with an aperitif the perfect start to a successful evening?

What's behind James Bond's world-famous phrase "A martini, shaken, not stirred!"
And what's the deal with the different ways of preparing the Vodka Martini? Nic explains when it's shaken and when it's stirred!

Besides shaking and stirring, there are other buzzwords for preparing cocktails. Have you ever heard of building, throwing and mixing? And NO, we don't throw glasses over the bar! 🙂
Nic has the right cocktail for every category: Martinez, Moscow Mule, Gin Basil Smash and Piña Colada!

Ice Ice Baby... Myths and Must Knows - Ice is not only the most underrated ingredient in cocktails, but also by far the most misunderstood.
While on the one hand bartenders and amateur mixologists struggle to make perfect, clear ice to shake their drinks to the brink of perfection not only visually but also taste-wise, on the other hand we don't understand why crushed ice is supposed to be so much worse than the silly, stale cubes.
Time for a little clarification - but also for rapprochement.

Do you love Asian food? And lukewarm chocolate cake makes your mouth water? Nic tells you and Milena Karl which drinks go with which food and should never be missing from a cocktail dinner menu. From now on there will be an "Open Sesame" with sushi and a White Russian with dessert.

Suddenly everything makes a gin. Nic and Gin Ambassador Magnus Tobler will take you into the exciting world of gin. Finally, they will mix a Last Word together. We have nothing to add to that! 🙂

Gin Gin Hurray or long speech, short gin! Magnus and Nic show you the complete range of possible combinations with gin and tonic.

Life is like a cocktail, sometimes refreshingly sweet, sometimes savoury bitter, but on the whole absolutely worth enjoying. And because quality in a glass is not to be despised, Nic takes you into a world of premium spirits, freshly squeezed juices and home-made syrup variations. How about a fresh thyme-grapefruit syrup and a refreshing grapefruit soda of your own creation?

(x) JITO
Did you know that rum is made from the molasses of sugar cane? And that there are an infinite number of different types of rum? Nic will mix his favourite rum cocktail, the MOJITO, with you!

The party classic: drinking tequila with salt and lemon, we know it all too well!
Tequila [teˈkila] is a form of the spirit mezcal, an agave brand from Mexico. And Nic tells you how to mix the world's best margaritas for your friends in this episode.

Hakuna Ma(Whiskey)...then your worries will always stay away...we are already humming along, are you? The trendy drink number 1 is on the cocktail menu today: a whiskey sour, oh yes we love it!

Enjoyment without remorse - may we introduce? Virgin Berry Mule or non-alcoholic infused gin meets wild berry tea, lime, ginger beer and pink pepper...
and without any annoying hangover... sounds tasty? We think so too!
Mixing drinks is the bartender's daily bread - so thinking about the environment from time to time should be a matter of course, shouldn't it?
Unfortunately, sustainability behind the bar is still an unpopular topic. We think this is wrong, because the trend towards more environmental awareness in everyday life should not stop after work. Nic also shows you how you can conjure up more sustainability behind your bar in this episode.

No, not infused, but pickled. How does it sound to you to make your own fruity raspberry thyme shrub and mix it into a delicious cocktail? Delicious? Then let's go!

Have you ever heard of tumbler and coupette? No, these are not car brands, but different cocktail glasses 🙂 How about an Earl Grey Martini from the coupette for after work today? Nic shows you the different cocktail glasses and their uses. On the cocktails, ready, go! Do you know which glass your next vermouth tonic, Frangelico Sour or Mediterranean Gin Tonic will be served in? No? No problem, Nic will give you the answer right away.

Old-fashioned popcorn? No matter how old you are, popcorn always goes. But popcorn soaked in bourbon with liquid butter and frozen is not just for decorating your favourite cocktail, it's for gnawing on. Add the right drink and addiction is guaranteed.

This is of course BITTER...the ingredient that gives the drink its depth. Homemade with herbs and spices in alcohol, qualitatively the absolute must-have in your bar kitchen! We smell lavender, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon...do you?

Even a blind chicken drinks a Korn once in a while. What distinguishes Korn from vodka and why is the "old gentleman's drink" becoming increasingly popular in the cocktail scene? Nic and Korn Distillery owner Georg Ehringhausen philosophise together about the future of Korn and mix you a very special newcomer, the Herrengedeck 2.0!

After the meal is before the drink! Or what was that again? In this episode, Nic explains what makes an after-dinner drink and mixes an espresso martini with you and, to top it off, a secret creation of his own.

Nic Shanker, the Tine Wittler of the bar scene. Ever heard of coral fritters? No? Never tried glucose chips either? Then it's high time you did, because one thing is clear: the EYE also drinks.

Do you finally want to create your own cocktail that bears your name and will be remembered by your guests forever? Together with influencer Milena Karl, Nic shows you his easy concept of how simple it can be to develop your own drink using different herbs, spirits, fruits, sugar sources, spices and fillers. The Milena Karl Signature Cocktail is born and hopefully yours will be soon.

First the fun, then the drinking pleasure! Edible varnish, cocktail printers and, as an absolute highlight, the smoke sphere with the Flavour Blaster...
At the latest now, every one of us may become a professional bartender! And since we all know that the best comes at the end, the legendary Meisterklasse signature cocktail awaits you in this episode!

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Negroni as an aperitif

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Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
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