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Roland Trettl grew up in Bolzano, South Tyrol, and as a teenager had plans far from becoming a chef. He was supposed to become a professional ice hockey player or swimming champion, but nothing came of these plans. Instead, his pragmatic decision to train as a chef became the start of a successful, passionate career.

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From South Tyrol to the kitchens of the world. Roland Trettl, the kitchen globetrotter! In his Meisterklasse , the likeable all-rounder spills the beans: "I wasn't born a chef." Let yourself, just like us, fall under Roland Trettl's spell and look forward to a journey through his exciting life and his extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine.

The fresh, tomato alternative to vegetable stock. Simply puree juicy and ripe tomatoes with a few aromas and strain through a fine cotton cloth. Clear tomato water - the perfect base for all kinds of sauces, dressings, curries, soups and for all other dishes where we need vegetable stock.

Whether with pasta, in a vinaigrette or on bread. Roland Trettl's fresh and aromatic herb pesto recipe is particularly versatile. Pecorino Sardo and Parmigiano Reggiano are the stars in this delicious pesto, along with the typical basil.

Whether fried, pickled or boiled and served with dip: Artichokes are a very versatile and healthy vegetable. Many amateur chefs shy away from preparing them - although this is not much more complicated than preparing other vegetables.

Radicchio is not only typically Italian in name - but also in the way it is prepared. Roland shares all his knowledge about the popular bitter vegetable with you and creates a wonderful salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and delicious caciocavallo cheese. A real highlight, not only for the eye.

The superstar of Italian antipasti! "Car-PAH-Chee-Oh!" And it's just like the Italian! In this episode you'll find the most delicious variations of the Italian appetiser and a secret recipe from Roland himself on top.

The heavenly taste of the butter-soft and wafer-thin veal combined with a wonderfully creamy tuna sauce and all garnished with deep-fried capers. Let's get started before our mouths start watering... Andiamo!

The juicy Italian focaccia with its fine rosemary aroma and lots of olive oil is a delicious change from baguettes and the like. The Italian flatbread tastes great on its own, can be topped excellently, but is also a satisfying accompaniment to crisp salads or Mediterranean fish dishes, such as oven-baked tuna.

It is one of the absolute classics of Italian cuisine: tomato sauce. Delicious and full of flavour, fruity and aromatic, that's how the perfect tomato sauce should be. In this episode, Trettl shows you step by step how to make it.

Everyone loves spaghetti bolognese - but how do you actually make it properly? Because the classic Bolognese sauce in combination with spaghetti is rarely if ever found in Italy. There it is a ragout, but according to Roland Trettl, his Ragù alla Bolognese is the WORLD'S BEST.

One thing is for sure, no other pasta in the world is as varied as italian pasta. Whenever many guests are invited, pasta is the perfect choice with its various ways of preparation and serving. Roland Trettl explains what to look out for in the basic dough, how you can prepare it in no time and how to process it as you like.

For centuries, chefs in Abruzzo have been making ribbon pasta with a device called a "chitarra" (in German: guitar). Let yourself be enchanted by Roland Trettl's Pasta alla Chitarra paired with his delicious carbonara sauce, fresh truffle and roasted pancetta. Simply a special kind of delight.

With this basic ravioli recipe, every amateur chef becomes a star. The dough is quick and easy to make and with the right filling it is an absolute treat. Roland shows you his ravioli with spinach-ricotta filling and how he prefers to serve them with a fresh pumpkin sauce.

No frills, but sensationally good. That's how Roland describes his tortelloni in nut butter. Dare to try! Making pasta yourself is not difficult at all. Look forward to the filled dumplings with veal and mortadella, a real treat.

Orecchiette - "little ears" served on a big plate for the whole family. Roland's orecchiette are given a particularly creamy and full-bodied sauce to accompany fresh paprika juice, aubergines and scamorza cheese.

The crucial thing for an authentic Italian pizza is the pizza dough. The pizza base must be thin and crispy. Roland's secret ingredient makes the pizza from the stone oven a heavenly treat: brushing the pizza crust with rosemary oil.

South Tyrolean home cooking reinterpreted. Look forward to Roland's varied dumpling recipe for healthy beetroot dumplings. One of his absolute favourite dishes when he visits the Patscheider Hof in South Tyrol. An absolute highlight on the plate, not only in terms of colour.

Roland is a true master when it comes to risotto variations. Whether pumpkin risotto with coffee powder or other crazy combinations. He loves creamy rice in all kinds of flavours. For the master class, he has chosen a classic tomato risotto.

Burnt, but incredibly delicious. Roland explains why burnt polenta tastes best and how you can conjure up this fantastic dish in no time at all. Flambéed gorgonzola and aromatic salsiccia ragout make themselves comfortable here on a particularly creamy polenta.

As difficult as it is to pronounce the Italian mini potato dumplings, this gnocchi recipe will catapult you into seventh dumpling heaven. Roland's favourite version is served with the Italian classic puntarelle and black truffle.

The crescent-shaped potato dumplings with fonduta filling are a classic, peasant recipe from Piedmont. Roland uses the real Fontina cheese, of course. Just watching him makes our mouths water.

The traditional seafarer's dish "Sarde in Saòr" from Venice creates a very special antipasti with just a few ingredients. Served on an artichoke salad, the marinated sardines unfold their extraordinary aromas.

Roland's cod in brine with roasted monk's beard and a light vinaigrette of melon, sultanas, lemon fillets, capers and olives. An absolute taste explosion for the palate.

Ossobuco is a traditional braised dish of Italian cuisine. The term ossobuco literally means "bone with a hole". In this classic recipe from the north of Italy, the full flavour of the meat and sauce is developed through slow braising in the oven. No hurry, but lots of flavour.

In this episode, Roland shows you his absolute favourite tiramisu and how he learned to make it traditionally: The tiramisu variation with Sicilian flavours is not only very creamy, but the pistachios harmonise really well with the sponge cake soaked in coffee. It is a recipe for gourmets - that's for sure!

This brings back memories of Roland's childhood. Strauben is a light, airy dough that is fried in a round pan in plenty of fat in the shape of a snake. You eat it with cranberry jam, also called Granten by the South Tyroleans. The perfect dessert to share!

It's okay to go wrong in the kitchen sometimes, and practice makes perfect. With these sentences, Trettl takes you on a tasteful and exciting journey through Italy's home cuisine.

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About Italian Home Cooking - The Online Cooking Course with Roland Trettl

Do you fancy homemade pasta and pizza dough? Celebrity chef Roland Trettl lets you in on the secrets of Italian cuisine and shows you how to make specialities like pizza and pasta yourself. In this course you will learn how to prepare the basics for which Italian cuisine is known worldwide.

Making your own pizza is not only a culinary affair, but can also serve as a great leisure activity for you and your friends. Homemade pizza is delicious and healthy - from the dough to the toppings.

It's no longer a secret that Italians make their own pasta. Fresh pasta tastes very different from dried pasta. Roland Trettl shows you step by step how to make pasta dough yourself. 

Experience the diversity of Italian cuisine and learn how to prepare the most famous dishes from the land of dolce vita quickly and easily at home.

Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
Now only 89 € incl. VAT

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→ No. As an alternative to a pasta machine, you can also roll out the pasta dough classically by hand and cut it with a knife.

No. In addition to pasta classics and pizza, all kinds of starters and fish and meat dishes are shown in the course. The course also includes two very special desserts.

→ No. As a rule, every well-stocked kitchen at home has everything you need for the course. Alternatives to the equipment used are mentioned in the workbook and can be easily substituted.

→ Yes. The recipes in the course cannot be found anywhere else. Roland's cooking style is known for its spontaneity, which he also implements in the course and thus always comes up with new creations.

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