Go on a journey around the exciting topic of meat with a renowned meat expert and learn everything about breeds, origins, preparation methods, maturing processes and how you can guarantee the perfect steak!
Wolfgang Otto

The Art of Meat Science

Wolfgang Otto is a renowned meat expert and representative of the European Meat Forum. He is also co-author of the bestseller "Gutes Fleisch" (Good Meat), winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards as the world's best cookbook author as well as author for various specialist magazines, such as Rolling Pin. With his own TV show on NTV, "In 80 Steaks around the World, a Meat Documentary about good meat and its origins around the globe", he achieved a media breakthrough. He is also a regular guest on ARD, SAT1 Frühstücksfernsehen and the Vox Promi Kocharena.

Together with his brothers Stephan and Michael, Wolfgang Otto founded the speciality mail order company "OTTO GOURMET" in 2005 with a focus on exclusive meat, and as a company they won the "Best of the Best" award in the gastronomy industry. OTTO GOURMET supplies 9 of the 10 three-star chefs in Germany with its exclusive meat, seafood and other gourmet specialities.

Look forward to Wolfgang Otto's extraordinary master class "The Art of Meat Science" and go on a journey with him around the exciting topic of meat. Learn everything about breeds, origins, preparation methods and the maturing process of each piece of meat - whether beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry or seafood.
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