Peter Kapp

The Art of Baking Bread

From the basics to sourdough and unique bread creations.

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Peter Kapp

With Peter Kapp, we were able to win over one of the most renowned and at the same time most innovative bakers in the country. With his extraordinary bread creations, he supplies star restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is considered the first poit of call for gourmets such as Juan Amador or Stefan Neugebauer.
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Now only 69 € incl. VAT
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At the beginning of his Meisterklasse , Peter Kapp tells us how he came to bread baking and how baking became his passion. He lets us look behind the scenes of his career from master baker to one of the hottest bread artists. And he gives a preview of the structure and themes of his Meisterklasse.
Preparing your own sourdough and baking sourdough bread is easy and uncomplicated. It all starts with the preparation of a good sourdough starter that will accompany you for years and produce many aromatic loaves. In his step-by-step instructions, Peter Kapp shows the exact procedure. Perfect success is guaranteed.
In this episode, Peter Kapp shows you what basic kitchen equipment is needed for bread baking and what typical mistakes can creep in when making bread. Peter Kapp shows you step by step how to become a successful hobby bread baker.
Why do breads taste differently? What is the difference between crumb and crust? How much time does it take to bake bread and what ingredients do you need? Why is sourdough so important? Are all types of flour the same? Questions upon questions that the Artisan Boulanger will answer with attention to detail.
Class instead of mass, traditional grains are something for enthusiasts. Spelt or green spelt, emmer and kamut are among the "old grains" that are experiencing a renaissance, especially thanks to the organic movement. Here you can find out everything about these tasty grains and what they contain.
Peter Kapp presents you with the preparation of an exceptionally delicious bread with wonderful flavours, suitable for summer. The aroma of honey and lavender make the bread ideal to go with jams or delicious spreads.
In this episode, Peter Kapp shows you step-by-step how to make hearty bread from four amazing grains. Maybe your new favourite bread, crunchy and full of flavour.
The simple, ancient recipe for the hearty mill bread contains many healthy seeds and kernel. These ingredients are kneaded together with the family's well-kept sourdough starter, the "boss", and baked in the shape of an old mill wheel.
Austrians are avid bread eaters and Austria is known for its bread diversity. In hardly any other country is the selection and range of bread and pastries as large as in Austria. Around 300 different types of bread are available. Peter Kapp introduces you to the specialities of the breads from the Alps.
The hipster among breads - black pudding in combination with walnuts. You have to try this bread.

A taste explosion of wholemeal rye flour, plums and more! You'll love this bread because it's sugar-free too.

Winemaker Dr Stefanie Canali and Peter Kapp share the same passion for high-quality food and the best ingredients. The "passion" as they say in Tuscany that is in the Olio di Nittardi is also found in the Pane di Nittardi, which is baked exclusively with this high-quality olive oil.

Rich in walnuts, sunflower seeds and the strong flavour of sun-ripened tomatoes, the "Pain Bistrot Marius" is a bread of Provence - inspired by the restaurant of the same name in Hyères.
Bread rethought - special bread creations and ingredients that tell a special story. In this episode, Peter Kapp tells you how he comes up with the ideas for his uniquely creative bread creations that have made him famous far beyond the borders of Germany.
In the colours of the revolution, black and red, Peter Kapp's Sepia-Cranberry Baguette was created, which presents every gourmet with an epicurean challenge. The black colour of the bread makes the taste buds expect something bitter and the contrasting sweetness of the cranberries paves the way for a taste surprise.
"Baking bread is a craft - creating fine bread is an art." Peter Kapp has made this postulate his own, it drives him every day. His breads are far more than the perfection of the craft, his creativity is almost inexhaustible and the Indian Summer bread has long been a cult among connoisseurs.
Together with Tristan Brandt, Peter Kapp presents his delicious spreads. The first episode features Peter Kapp's mill bread with a variation of North Sea crab, smoked caramelised eel, green asparagus, radishes and a lovage cream with salt lemon.
The second episode features Peter Kapp's legendary sepia cranberry baguette refined with a miso paste, sweet and sour radish salad, savoury pastrami rolls and wasabi cress.
An experience for all the senses and unique only to our master class, Peter Kapp and star restaurateur Tristan Brandt bake together. Let yourself be surprised by the special taste compositions. Who's mouth isn't watering here? Step by step, the master baker and the star chef will guide you to the perfect barbecue bread.
This bread is a great way to score brownie points next time your friends or family visit. The combination of the spiciness of the jalapenos and the tartness of the cranberries is an unparalleled taste explosion.
A bread in a class of its own, created by star chef Tristan Brandt, exclusively and only available in our course "The Art of Bread Baking" and perfectly presented for re-baking.
The smell in the house when you take homemade bread out of the oven is incredible. Finally, Peter Kapp gives you his best tips on how to turn your home-baked bread into a flavourful masterpiece. With his 10 commandments of bread baking, success is guaranteed.

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Bread from home coated with alpine herbs

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About the Art of Cooking - The online cooking course with Harald Wohlfahrt

Peter Kapp explains how you can make sourdough and bake bread yourself in this Meisterklasse . First, you will learn how he himself went from being a simple master baker to a sought-after bread artist. After this exciting look behind the scenes, the master briefly introduces the structure of the course and reveals what topics await you.

Sourdough bread is the classic in the bakery trade. Sourdough preparation, sourdough feeding and sourdough bread baking are therefore among the basics that you will learn. Peter Kapp also shows you what basic equipment you need to bake bread. In the product information you will learn everything about the sourdough recipe and the different types of flour.

With the topic "homeland breads" you will get to know traditional grain varieties. The master reveals great bread recipes that you can use to bake your own bread from healthy ingredients. Kapp dedicates a part of the course to the bread varieties of his Austrian homeland. You will be thrilled by the extraordinary taste experiences you will discover.

Bread specialties such as Pain Bistro Marius or Pane di Nittardi are next on the program. The bread artist will also tell you how his innovative creations are made and present you with delicious spreads. Finally, as a guest, star gastronome Tristan Brandt will reveal one or two exclusive bread recipes with which you can surprise your family.

Now only 69 € incl. VAT
Now only 129 € incl. VAT.

With 30 days money back guarantee

Help / FAQ

Yes. All recipes can be easily prepared at home in your oven.

→ No. You do not need any special equipment for the course. A food processor with a dough hook is recommended, but you can also knead the dough by hand with a little more effort.

Yes. In addition to the various creative bread creations by Peter Kapp, there are 4 theory episodes at the beginning to get you started, 2 episodes on the topic of spreads with star chef Tristan Brandt and 2 special breads by Tristan Brandt.

No. Unfortunately, you cannot simply prepare the recipes for the breads with gluten-free flours, as these have completely different properties.

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