The Art of Oenology

The Art of Oenology

Justin Leone, the rock star among world-class sommeliers, teaches everything about the art of wine in his Meisterklasse .
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Justin Leone

After studying for three years at the Court of Master Sommeliers as well as stations with Nicolas Potel in Burgundy and at Grant Achaz's 3-star restaurant Alinea, he worked for six years as a top sommelier at the 2-star restaurant Tantris in Munich, where he became known as the "rock star among sommeliers" due to his unmistakable style. Since then, he has appeared on TV with celebrity chefs such as Tim Mälzer and writes wine bestsellers.
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Learn more about the rock star with the wine glass. How did he get into wine and why is tasting wine similar to making music? Learn all about Justin's path into the restaurant business and how wine became his great passion.

Let yourself be surprised. One bottle - one symphony. The Meisterklasse sommelier describes the 5 cornerstones of wine in terms of music: the vineyard (composition), the vines (musician), the winemaker (conductor), the vintage (concert hall) and the audience (you)! Don't know anything about wine? Justin Leone explains the basics and what wine is all about in this episode.

In this episode, Justin uses everyday situations to describe what distinguishes a wine lover from a sommelier. Learn the easiest way to recognise and classify aromas and flavours. The most important thing is: wine has to be fun and tangible.

The tree with its fruit, the trunk in the earth embedded in its environment creates an image that makes tasting much easier. Using smart parallels to the image of a tree, find out how easy it is to taste wine correctly.

Wine descriptions often sound remote and difficult to understand. Yet it is so simple. Anyone who tastes a wine should not have to desperately search for abstract vocabulary, but should uninhibitedly describe what it smells and tastes like. Does the wine have a strong or weak aroma? Can ...

What does wine have to do with architecture? By comparing different types of wine to buildings such as homes, schools, churches, warehouses, etc., Justin explains the concept, function and price differences of wine.

In summary, the character of a wine describes the sum of its olfactory and taste characteristics. Basically, you can distinguish between heavy and light wines, intensely aromatic or more aristocratic and refined wines. Let Justin explain to you how to recognise the character of a wine and how to put it into words.

The vintage plays a big role - it is liquid history and tells everything that happened that year. Whether there were diseases, fungi, fires or a plague of insects and whether the weather was sunny, rainy, warm, cold, stormy or rather mild. But what actually makes a great vintage?

"As wine gets older, it comes back to the roots" - Justin uses horizontal and vertical tasting to explain how wine changes as it matures in the bottle and how the maturity of the grapes at harvest affects flavour and storability.

There are many blunders that lay people may stumble on during wine tastings. But a few well-chosen phrases and tricks can avoid embarrassing statements and missteps. In this episode, Justin Leone tells you how to shine at your next wine evening.

How do I find the right wine for dinner? You're invited out on a Saturday night and want to bring a bottle of wine? Are you cooking for guests and still looking for the right wine to go with it? Don't panic! It's not that difficult to find the right wine. The perplexing moments in front of the supermarket shelf ...

Which wine should I order in the restaurant? Who is the best person to ask? And how do I get the wine I really want? In this episode, Justin explains the most important tips and tricks for dealing with the wine list in a restaurant.

The range of wine glasses is large, so large in fact that it is quite difficult to find your way around when buying wine glasses. Sure, white wines are drunk from smaller glasses than reds, but how decisive are shape and size really? And do there really have to be more than these two types of glasses? Justin Leone looked deep into the glass for you and gives you lots of useful tips in this episode.

Does it always have to be cork? Or can even high-quality wines have a screw cap? Justin Leone introduces you to the individual closure variants for wine bottles with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

A must for wine connoisseurs - enjoy wines unopened, thanks to the Coravin method. The next generation of wine enjoyment. With the Coravin system, you pour only as much wine as you want from each bottle - without removing the cork. Justin shows you in detail how the method works.

With all the technical terms in the language of wine, it is easy to get lost. What was decanting again and, above all, how exactly does it work? In this episode, the Meisterklasse sommelier shows you exactly the individual steps. Afterwards you can decant like a pro.

Building your own wine cellar at home and have perfectly matured, well-tempered wine at hand at all times. A dream of many wine lovers that can come true with this episode. Our world-class sommelier shows you step by step how to build a well-stocked wine cellar.

Professionals often describe wines eloquently - with boundless imagination. Normal wine connoisseurs, on the other hand, usually find it difficult to put a wine into words. How do you like the wine? Hm, delicious. For a more detailed description, all you need are a few clues. Learn from Justin how to describe the taste of wine in your own words in a casual and understandable way.

Steffen Christmann, active president of the Association of German Awarded Wine Estates, is boldly breaking new ground with his traditional winery in the municipality of Neustadt-Gimmeldingen, which he runs in the 7th family generation. Steffen Christmann stands for Riesling. On around two thirds of his ...

Young winemaker Sophie Christmann is the 8th generation at the "Weingut Christmann" in Gimmeldingen. The classic family business specialises primarily in Riesling and is known for it, but also has a long history of Pinot Noir. With her father Steffen Christmann, she runs ...

Grüner Veltliner originally comes from Germany, but is now considered the national grape variety of Austria. The natural crossing of "Traminer" and "St. Georg" is divided into 3 quality levels. Justin will introduce you to these in more detail and discuss the two movements "tradition" vs. "modernity".

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most famous white grape varieties and everybody's darling. Justin tells you which lesser-known grape variety perfectly complements Sauvignon Blanc - whether on its own or in pairs as a cuvée - something you do not want to miss.

Chenin Blanc is an old white grape variety that - as the name suggests - has its roots in France. Although it is the "queen of white grape varieties", it is one of the most underestimated grape varieties and a real insider tip that is definitely worth trying out!

Chardonnay is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world. Its cultivation is also steadily increasing in Germany. The wines are suitable for many drinking occasions and yet Chardonnay sometimes has a somewhat difficult reputation - our master class sommelier explains why.

Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Auxerrois - Justin introduces you to the most important members of the weird extended Pinot family!

First and foremost, natural wine is an adventure for us beyond our usual worlds of taste. Natural wines can take us out of our comfort zone, surprise and delight us. Wine without additives - is natural wine the better wine? Is natural wine healthier? These are just a few of many ...

What is behind the rosy facade? Are red and white wines really mixed together here? Justin Leone explains the special features of this grape variety and why rosé is always a good choice.

The French wine-growing region of Burgundy is probably one of the most feared areas for beginners and at the same time one of the most prized for collectors. Our master class sommelier illustrates the structure and composition of Burgundy using a dartboard and gives valuable tips on what you should definitely look out for when buying.

Tempranillo is Spain's most important indigenous red wine variety. In many places, the vine is therefore even called "Spain's answer to Cabernet Sauvignon". Among other things, Tempranillo serves as the basis for the world-famous Rioja wine. Justin takes you on a tour of Spain with the cowboy among grape varieties!

Syrah (also Shiraz or Balsamia) is a red wine variety that was originally cultivated mainly in the Rhone Valley in France. In South Africa, Australia, the USA and Canada, the variety is called Shiraz. In this episode you will find out why Syrah is a somewhat difficult type and is also known as a chameleon.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a natural cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Justin tells you which characteristics the wine has inherited from which parent.

Sangiovese is considered an Italian speciality and the essence of Italy. The main cultivation area is in Tuscany, where the famous red wine Chianti is also produced. With 100,000 hectares of vineyards, it is also the most cultivated red grape variety in the country. In the process, the Sangiovese wine is given a ...

Champagne is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and pleasure. But the enjoyment of the king of sparkling wines is by no means reserved for the "rich and beautiful" of high society. Whether at engagements and weddings, on passing exams or birthdays - opening a champagne bottle stands for ...

How we perceive wine depends not only on our taste buds, but also on the music playing in the background. Peter Kapp and Andrea Schirmaier-Huber are looking for the right music to go with their specially created Palatinate red wine cake. So what could be more obvious than calling Justin and asking for advice?

Justin Leone is more successful than ever not only as a sommelier, but also as a musician with his band "The Filles". Why shouldn't their single "Sunkissed Kissed Kids" also go with a great wine? Justin has the right song for every type of wine. Let yourself be surprised.

Now that you can describe, serve and taste wine and know how to build your dream cellar, you can enjoy it all at home without fear just like a professional - pop the corks!

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About "The Art of Oenology" - The Online Wine Course with Justin Leone

Music and wine are Justin Leone's passions. The rock star is one of the world's best sommeliers and has also made a name for himself as a specialist book author. In his online wine course, he teaches you everything you need to know about wine. You learn how to taste wine properly and how to recognise and classify aromas and flavours.

The wine course for beginners explains the architecture and character of different wines. You will learn what makes a good vintage and how the ripeness of the grapes at harvest influences the taste. Justin also explains his wine seminar how wine changes in the bottle with increasing maturity.

You will continue with information about which wine goes with which food and which glasses you need. You will learn how to decant wine professionally and serve it in style. In the wine course you will receive tips on how to build up your own wine cellar and will be able to describe the taste clearly and understandably at the next wine tasting.

Together with VDP President Christmann, the master sommelier presents individual grape varieties. It is a kind of online wine tasting or virtual wine tasting, where you will also learn a lot about French and Italian wines. With his own band, Justin also provides the music to go with the wine.

Our Special Guests

In addition, Sophie and Steffen Christmann welcome you in two extra episodes and give you an insight into their expertise. And that is something to be proud of:
Steffen Christmann is not only the 7th generation to run the family's winery, he is also an active board member of the VDP, the Association of German Awarded Wine Estates. After studying oenology, his daughter Sophie gained experience at wineries all over the world and now focuses on the finest red grape variety: Pinot Noir.
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