Falstaff Interview with Harald Wohlfahrt

Falstaff Interview with Harald Wohlfahrt

Discover the art of cooking with Harald Wohlfahrt and other courses.

With Meisterklasse you can enjoy the star cuisine of cooking legend Harald Wohlfahrt can also be enjoyed at home.

With his Michelin-starred cuisine, Harald Wohlfahrt has not only caressed palates but also touched many a soul - he is considered a living legend. As a chef, he has been awarded three Michelin stars for 25 years in a row - unique in Germany. His passion is to help a natural raw material to develop its fullest flavour. He now shares the secrets of his art in cinema quality via the online platform meisterklasse.de

FALSTAFF Why an onlineMeisterklasse Mr Wohlfahrt?


HARALD WOHLFAHRT I have already trained over 70 star chefs and feel a deep joy in passing on my knowledge. My inner drive has always been to create something extraordinary. Many people feel this drive. Through the online platform of Meisterklasse , all cooking enthusiasts and those who want to become one can now experience this. To create a first-class treat for themselves and their loved ones.


What do you show in your Meisterklasse Mr Wohlfahrt?


HARALD WOHLFAHRT My Meisterklasse is not a normal ONLINE COOKING COURSE. It is a culinary journey through the art of cooking. The Meisterklasse takes you into the vast spheres of culinary art and pleasure. I guide you through contemporary French cuisine - from the ingredients to extraordinary creations. From an introduction to the world of spices and herbs as a wonder weapon to step-by-step instructions for a fine dish like Loup de Mer in a salt crust with artichokes & mussels. I want to bring star cuisine to everyone's home with simple tricks.


For more than two years, the culinary start-up has been focusing with great success on online courses with the luminaries of the cooking scene. In addition to the art of cooking with Harald Wohlfahrt, you can find Italian home cooking with Roland Trettl, a sushi course with The Duc Ngo or an introduction to wine with sommelier Justin Leone. The secrets of the masters are revealed at Meisterklasse . Culinary enthusiasts can immerse themselves in new worlds in a distinctive way. Everyone will find what they are looking for - beginners and experienced cooking professionals.