Lucki Maurer

The Art of Barbecue

Become a barbecue expert and gourmet at the grill.

This course is available in English language

Lucki Maurer

The Art of Barbecue

This course is available in English language

Lucki Maurer is known from

Lucki Maurer

Ludwig Maurer is the owner of Meating Point, a chef, beef farmer and also works as an editor for magazines such as "BEEF" and "Rolling Pin". His philosophy of life: always process the animal completely from head to tail. As a guest judge on the successful TV show "The Taste" on Sat.1, Ludwig Maurer was introduced as "Germany's meat expert" and has been known to a wider audience ever since.

This course is available in English language

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"Sometimes in life you just have to reinvent yourself" says Ludwig "Lucki" Maurer, who has become known as meat expert and grill master no.1. "The Beef Gear" - from genetics to feeding to preparing the perfect steak. Find out why Lucki attaches great importance to the slow, natural growth and species-appropriate, ecological husbandry of cattle.

What special cuts are there? How long does a dry age have to mature? And what does "long jobs" actually mean? Lucki Maurer takes you on a journey around the world: 5 countries, 5 traditions! Dry aged Irish Hereford - Ireland, Cornfeed Black Angus Nebraska - USA, Grassfeed Chianina Tuscany - Italy, Rubia Gallega (Old Cow) Galicia - Spain and Wagyu Prime Kobe - Japan!

Barbecue & BBQ - what's the difference? While meat cooks quickly on the barbecue, spareribs and the like can spend several hours in the hot smoke. In this episode, Lucki Maurer shows you when the meat has the right cooking time and how you can keep the temperature in the barbecue constant. Barbecuing with charcoal is the classic...

For spring barbecues, Lucki recommends the Brazilians' favourite BBQ - picanha. In Germany, this part of the cow's bum is called "Tafelspitz" and unfortunately usually ends up in the soup. With a suitable breed of cattle, this cut is one of the best grilled parts in the world.

Beef ribs from the smoker are an absolute hit. They are convincinge in all points: taste, appearance and juiciness. Of course, the ribs need time in the smoker, but the result makes up for the long wait.

The slightly marbled, long-fibre beef brisket is ideal for smoking. Along with pulled pork, brisket is one of the absolute classics among US BBQ dishes. During the smoking process, the fat stored in the muscle melts, which gives the meat an excellent flavour and makes it incomparably juicy and tender.

The Spider Steak, a cut for connoisseurs! Little known and yet very trendy: the spider steak from beef is highly regarded by connoisseurs. It's time for every barbecue lover to get to know this exquisite cut!

The teres major is a muscle and part of the thick shoulder cut, the back part of the shoulder. With this cut, enjoyment sometimes has more than just one  name, because the piece is also known as petite tender, butcher's cut or flat fillet. In Austria, teres major is also known as shoulder fillet. This cut is also called "Metzgerstück" because the butchers...

In keeping with the origin of the Irish Hereford beef, the whiskey barley and Guiness gravy underline the intense, characterful taste of the tender rib-eye steak. The Hereford rib eye is cut from the intermediate rib and is particularly well marbled. The prominent feature of this tender steak is the small fat eye.

Lucki Maurer calls it "beef sushi"! The striploin steak in tataki style, rolled in roasted sesame seeds and served in typical Japanese style with wakame algae and wasabi. Looks like a sushi dish to change!

The porterhouse is the all-rounder among steaks! Lucki Maurer shows in detail and step by step how it becomes an absolute feast for the eyes with a perfect grill pattern and beautiful roasting. It is accompanied by delicious grilled spinach, which is really very easy and quick to prepare.

What does the tomahawk steak have to do with an axe? How is it different from the French côte de boeuf? Meat expert Lucki Maurer reveals the secrets of the Tomahawk Steak and its preparation.

Lucki's insider tip, the so-called Flat Iron, is personal favourite when it comes to BBQ and grilling. He prepares the Flat Iron in a classic dish from South America, with grilled palm hearts and sweet potato cream. Try it out and maybe it will become your favourite too.

The outside skirt, which comes from the diaphragm, is particularly juicy and tasty. The high stress on the diaphragm makes the meat very flavoursome and a strong fat marbling ensures a juicy treat at the same time!

When it comes to pork, the Spanish are at the top of their game. Lucki Maurer saw this for himself on a trip to Andalusia and brought home secret cuts such as secreto, presa and papada.

With a combination of the sous-vide technique and grilling to a tender pork belly, which is brushed over again and again with Asian barbecue glaze. Lucki Maurer shows step by step how to achieve a really ingenious result and gives valuable insider tips.

When Missouri meets Bavaria, the result is a unique taste experience! In this episode grilling expert Lucki Maurer explains in detail how the combination of Bavarian coleslaw with dark beer glaze together with the St. Louis-style ribs turns out to be a success.

Pulled pork is a real classic among US BBQ cuts. Incredibly tender meat from the smoker. Typically American, it is also served here with coleslaw on a burger - simple, but extremely tasty!

Enjoy two culinary highlights at once with prawns and juicy beef steak. The popular surf-and-turf dish brings the best of both worlds to your dining table - to the delight of all gourmets.

Oysters au gratin 800 degrees? Yep, it works, and how! The oysters are coated with a mixture of butter, garlic, spinach, breadcrumbs and Parmesan and gratinated at a high temperature. Oysters Rockefeller, by the way, were invented in New Orleans in 1899 and named after John D. Rockefeller, the richest American at the time, as the dish was considered particularly...

Today we have a recipe that you can show off at the next barbecue party! Maybe you've heard of putting a piece of wood between the food and the grill? We put a delicious salmon fillet on this beautiful piece of wood and don't drink a Caipirinha with it, but simply put the ingredients for the cocktail in the marinade for the fish! Sounds wacky - but tastes great!

For anyone looking for an unusual recipe that will impress all their guests, stuffed lobster from the Beefer is just the thing! Grilling a lobster is not as complicated as it probably seems at first glance. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing it, because lobster is one of the most noble and also most expensive foods there is.

Grilling expert Lucki Maurer and star chef Harald Wohlfahrt stand together at the grill for the first time and exclusively in our master class. Be enchanted by this special grill signature dish. Harald Wohlfahrt's barbecue glaze is not to be missed.

Bratwurst, Salsiccia and Surf & Turf sausage! In this episode you will find all the important information you need to make sausage yourself. In addition to the right equipment, Lucki also goes into more detail about the meat and gives an overview of the different types of sausage that you can make yourself in the future.

Of course, dessert is a must for our barbecue fans. As a sweet conclusion after all the savoury treats, a barbecue dessert is just the thing. The liquid centre of the chocolate cake and the cheesecake crumble for decoration are just two of the highlights of this delicious barbecue dish.

Tips and tricks from the pros as well as a vegetarian bestseller! The best vegetarian grilled dish in the world: Whole grilled celeriac with beurre blanc. Lucki likes the taste of celeriac, but grilled whole, the taste is incomparable. You've never tasted celeriac like this before. It is aromatic and mild at the same time. The penetrating taste that...

The right wines for the perfect BBQ presented by top sommelier Justin Leone - also known as "the rocker with the wine glass"! Many barbecue fans claim that only beer goes with barbecue dishes. Since the general trend is moving away from the classic bratwurst towards good beef steaks, lamb fillets, fish and vegetable variations, the properly selected...

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Example episode (excerpt)

Tataki from striploin

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About the Art of Barbecue - The Online Barbecue Course with Ludwig Maurer

Ludwig Maurer is Germany's number one meat expert and grill master. In addition to his restaurant and cooking school, the successful author runs his own cattle farm and works as an editor for magazines such as "Rolling Pin" and "BEEF". In this online barbecue course, the master tells you everything you need to know about the art of barbecue.


If you want to learn how to grill, you have to know something about meat. The barbecue seminar therefore begins with information about ecological and species-appropriate rearing. Lucki" takes you around the world on the topic of meat science and explains different traditions. You will learn how American barbecue differs from grilling and what other techniques there are.


Next up are refined barbecue recipes from around the world. You'll learn how to grill a perfect steak, go to school with the Spanish and discover the taste of Asian pork belly with kimchi. You'll also learn all about barbecue spices, barbecue marinade and barbecue sauce. You'll never be at a loss for recipes again when barbecuing.


Are you looking for barbecue ideas for sweet tooths, vegetarians or fans of salmon and seafood? Ludwig Maurer's barbecue course has a few surprises in store. At the end, top sommelier Justin Leone himself will explain which wine goes best with your barbecue.

Help / FAQ

→ The course does not require a special grill. You can use a standard grill with charcoal or gas. It is important to have an enclosed cooking space to be able to prepare lonjobs.

Yes. Alternatively, you can cook the dishes in the course that are prepared in the Beefer in the oven on a high setting instead.

→ You do not necessarily need a sous-vide device, as you can alternatively cook in a water bath in the pot or oven with constant heat. A sous-vide stick is nevertheless recommended, as you can regulate the temperature more precisely and do not have to stay with it.

→ The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced participants. No special previous knowledge is required.

→ The meat used in the course is available from a good butcher. If this is not the case, you can also order meat online.

→ The course shows a vegetarian dish and a dessert without meat. The course also includes three fish dishes.

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