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Harald Wohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt is a living cooking legend. For over 25 years, the Black Forest native has defended three Michelin stars. He has also trained 70 other star chefs - no other German chef has managed that so far. In his master class, Harald Wohlfahrt guides you through contemporary French cuisine in 25 episodes.

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Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
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Harald Wohlfahrt shows the most important tools that should be found in every kitchen. He explains which knives to use for which purpose, how to care for them properly and which other utensils are important. He explains the different kitchen utensils as well as pots, pans and cooker types and what to consider when using them.

Harald Wohlfahrt gives an overview of the spices and herbs of fine cuisine. Which spices go with which dishes? He also reveals the secret of his spice salt and his "miracle weapon": the spice glaze he developed, which gives every piece of meat a very special note with its very special aroma.

Having grown up on a farm himself, Harald Wohlfahrt shows the variety of flavours of vegetables and mushrooms in this episode. What do you have to look out for when buying? Which preparation methods preserve the most vitamins? How can you tell if a vegetable is really fresh?

In this episode you will learn everything about the correct processing and preparation of meat using beef and different types of poultry as examples. How can you recognise high-quality meat? How important is the degree of maturity? Which meat is best suited for which dishes? And: How do you build up a good relationship with your trusted butcher?

Harald Wohlfahrt introduces us to the fine art of preparing fish and seafood. First, he explains how to recognise freshly caught fish. Then we learn how to scale and fillet a fish professionally and learn about the different ways of preparing fish and seafood.

French cuisine is considered the high cuisine of Europe and was created through many different influences. In this episode you will learn about the importance of the natural production of stocks and sauces in French cuisine.

A good stock is the basis for every good sauce. Harald Wohlfahrt explains step by step how to prepare an excellent fish stock from parts of turbot, various vegetables and spices as well as wine and olive oil. Along the way, we learn how to chop and cut vegetables properly.

A perfect veal stock requires the right preparation of meat, vegetables and spices as well as patience. Harald Wohlfahrt shows you the individual steps so that you can cook the stock directly as a basis for delicious meat sauces.
To make a delicious, clear essence, you need a light poultry stock. In this episode, Harald Wohlfahrt shows us which ingredients are needed, what influence the addition of different wines can have and how to prepare the stock step by step. He also shows us in detail how to carve and roast a poulard.
The stock from the last episode is now used to create a delicious poultry essence with chowder by adding further ingredients and using a very specific cooking technique. Harald Wohlfahrt cooks each step individually and introduces you to the preparation of the individual ingredients.
In this episode, Harald Wohlfahrt cooks a delicious pumpkin soup with us. He also reveals the secret of how he gives the soup a very special kick. The recipe can also be used as a base for other soups, such as a carrot or celeriac soup.
Harald Wohlfahrt once again reveals lots of tips and tricks in this episode. How do you fry a breast of poulard to a crisp? How do you prepare a delicious vinaigrette yourself and what does it take to make asparagus taste delicious? Explained step by step to cook along and learn.
Although the individual preparation steps of this dish are quite complex, Harald Wohlfahrt still finds the time to chat with trainee Sascha about the atmosphere and the work in a professional kitchen decorated with three stars. However, the detailed insights into the production of the ballotine, the handling of mushrooms, the correct processing of the guinea fowl and much more are not neglected.
In this episode, Harald Wohlfahrt shows us how to prepare and parry veal cheeks. He explains why some meat should be braised and not roasted, with which flavors you get the best out of the meat and how to cook a risotto in the oven. He also gives many other practical tips on how to prepare this delicate dish.
Step by step, Harald Wohlfahrt guides us through this fine dish. From the preparation and correct seasoning of the meat, to the use of the right oil and the art of preparing tasty side dishes, to the creation of a delicious, matching sauce.
In this episode you will learn how to cut a veal fillet correctly and how to achieve the perfect consistency in the sous-vide cooking process. Harald Wohlfahrt also tells us about the special features of truffles and how they are processed. Follow the star chef step by step through the preparation of this premium dish - enjoy!
Another delicacy from the house of Wohlfahrt is cooked in detail step by step in this episode. How do you professionally and tastily pickle a salmon? Which wines go with which fish? How do you prepare a delicious lemongrass sauce with lime butter? These and many other questions are answered here.
Fish in a salt crust is certainly a dish that everyone would like to cook once. In this episode, Harald Wohlfahrt explains exactly how to do it. From preparing the sea bass and making the salt crust to the perfect preparation of the side dishes and the clam broth. The special art lies in removing the salt crust from the fish. Learn how to do this right here.
In this episode, Harald Wohlfahrt shows us how to prepare a fresh sole ready for cooking, how to refine young leaf spinach with a little lemon zest to make a great side dish and how to properly season and grill a sole. A relatively simple dish to cook, but with a complex flavour and great effect!
Together with Steffi, Harald Wohlfahrt cooks another delightful fish dish. Every single step is shown in detail. From the preparation and arrangement of the ingredients and side dishes to the perfect processing, cooking and searing of the monkfish. You will also learn which vegetables harmonise with which spices and what tricks you can use to find the right cooking point for the fish.
For all octopus lovers, Harald Wohlfahrt cooks us his personal interpretation of an absolute classic: octopus salad. The main focus is on the correct preparation of a whole, freshly caught octopus into a salad. In addition, the star chef prepares a fine chilli marinade and a great vinaigrette and again shows technical tricks in handling the individual ingredients.
Harald Wohlfahrt reveals to us the secrets and basic rules that make the preparation of one of the most difficult desserts a success: the soufflé. This time it really comes down to accuracy. You will learn how to make the soufflé particularly fluffy and aromatic. The taste is rounded off with a mango and chilli salad.
From blind baking the puff pastry and choosing the right type of apple to making caramel and flambéing the apple filling to preparing a fine sabayone, Harald Wohlfahrt takes us step by step through preparing his personal favourite dessert. In the process, he also explains the importance of the dessert course in the sequence of a menu.

At the end of his master class, Harald Wohlfahrt once again gives encouragement and explains how you can adapt upscale star cuisine for home cooking with a few little tricks and how anyone can develop into a really good chef step by step with a little patience and the right attitude.

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Example episode (excerpt)

Apple tart with caramel royal on calvados foam

What our customers say

About the Art of Cooking - The online cooking course with Harald Wohlfahrt

It's true: You can learn star cuisine! Chef legend Harald Wohlfahrt has already trained 70 Michelin-starred chefs and now introduces you to the art of cooking at Meisterklasse . By way of introduction, he tells you how he himself found his calling. After a brief outlook on the course content, you will then get to know the most important kitchen utensils.

Herbs, spices and how to use them - the successful celebrity chef himself will explain it all to you. You will also learn everything you need to know about vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. After completing the course, you will be able to recognize the quality of individual foods and process them professionally.

Using contemporary French cuisine as an example, Harald Wohlfahrt shows you how to make every dish something special. He emphasizes the importance of naturally produced stocks and sauces. The master demonstrates the preparation of fish stock, veal stock and poultry stock for you on camera.

The following are star cuisine recipes at their best. Sophisticated soups, meat and fish dishes make you want to cook again, so that you too will soon conjure up a menu from the star chef. The fish recipes as well as the topics grill fish and grill salmon will inspire you especially and at the end the master presents of course still wonderful desserts.

Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
Now only 89 € incl. VAT

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→ No. The course is structured in such a way that both cooking beginners and ambitious chefs experience a learning curve. It starts with the basics on equipment, stocks and sauces and then moves step by step to more complex dishes.

No. As a rule, a well-stocked kitchen at home has everything that is needed in the course.

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