Christian Hümbs

The Art of Pâtisserie

Learn step by step the professional craft of the multiple award-winning pastry chef of the year.
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Christian Hümbs

The Art of Pâtisserie

Only available in German language

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Christian Hümbs

Christian Hümbs is probably one of the most creative pastry chefs in Germany today. His success is based on a distinctive signature that he has developed over the years. On television, he is a member of the jury of the SAT.1 show "Das große Backen" (The Great Baking) and as an author he shows unusual combinations with unusual flavours and ingredients in his book "Richtig gut backen" (Bake Really Well).

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Christian Hümbs. He is someone who likes to wear a cap, sneakers and a three-day beard. Someone who eats a French roll in the morning, or sometimes two. Very relaxed. And then there is the accurate Hümbs. The one who doesn't leave a single gram to chance in the kitchen. Weighs everything, really everything. A perfectionist. And one of the best pastry chefs Germany has to offer. We wanted him! 🙂

A chocolate cake a day, keeps the stress away! If you like chocolate, you will love this cake. The moist chocolate cake with lots of chocolate and nougat is a must for every coffee table! Get Christian's favourite recipe directly to your home.

The absolute stars of biscuit heaven: these delicacies belong on every biscuit plate at Christmas time: cinnamon stars! The dough is super quick to mix and doesn't need to be refrigerated for long. Cut out and refined with Christian's secret ingredient, they are ready to go into the oven. "The moistest cinnamon stars I've ever tasted!" Do you believe...

Haddu Mörchen? This carrot cake with mascarpone cream simply makes you happy! An absolute highlight for you and your guests, not only at Easter.

Frankfurter Kranz is a real classic cake and must not be missing from Christian's Meisterklasse . The Frankfurter Kranz is said to be reminiscent of the golden crown with which the German emperors were once crowned in Frankfurt am Main. To give the cake its typical appearance, the ring-shaped pastry bases are alternately filled with buttercream and redcurrant jelly....

The little French treats go perfectly with coffee and look like little works of art: Christian's signature dish with a filling of nuts, dark chocolate and Baileys, simply to melt away.

"If you have no bread, let you eat cake" - Marie Antoinette A brioche (pronounced: briiosch) is an only slightly sweetened, soft yeast pastry and the French equivalent of the German Hefezopf. Paired with a little butter and jam, it's the highlight of any breakfast table. We have already had the chance to try the delicious brioche and we...

Sure, we share our doughnut with you, you get the middle. What is the best dough? Can I bake doughnuts in the oven or how do I prepare these little round flavour bombs to perfection? You'll get a wealth of donut knowledge here.

You can find them everywhere in Hamburg. The cinnamon-y sweet Franzbrötchen are a speciality of the city. One person who also can't keep his hands off the pastry is pastry chef Christian Hümbs. On the Franzbrötchen, ready, looooos!

You are the cheese to my cake. If you can't keep your hands off Solero or passion fruit split ice cream, then you know what this exotic cake with passion fruit topping will taste like!

Original Austrian! The perfect mix of crispy meringue and tender sponge cake - the Austrians simply know how to do it! Today we bake cardinal slices, explained step by step by a professional. The Kardinalschnitte is an Austrian treat consisting of meringue, sponge cake and a cream filling enhanced with currants. The colours are so reminiscent of...

Moelleux au chocolat in German means chocolate cake with a snout. Somewhere between mousse au chocolat and chocolate cake - the darkest temptation since chocolate was invented.

With this recipe for a sinfully delicious poppy seed striezel, you will attract every one of your guests. It'll bring back childhood memories, "Poppy seed hooray!".

Sour is fun! Tarte au citron, the traditional French lemon tart, brings summer feelings to your cake plate even in gloomy moments. Just the thing for the first grey days of autumn! The combination of a slightly sweet short pastry crust and deliciously sweet, fruity and tart lemon cream is simply indescribably delicious.

Juicy, warm and with lots of cinnamon - the cinnamon bun is probably one of the most popular pastries of all. The delicious sweet pastries made of yeast dough are a must at every "fika", the beloved Swedish coffee break. And we can't imagine life without these sweet pastries either! Together with hobby baker Franziska Knuppe...

A forest walk of a special kind. Spruce stock, Douglas fir cream, fir vinaigrette or buckwheat cream have no place in a dessert? Oh yes, they do! These are just a few of the ingredients of the dessert based around Christian's forest walk! Let yourself be enchanted by this special signature dish, magical, healthy and above all one thing: insanely DELICIOUS! A...

It can hardly be summed up in "cake". Look forward to Christian Huimb's Meisterklasse "The Art of Patisserie". According to Christian, you've done everything right when your guests enjoy your sweet treats to the fullest with a smile on their faces.

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About the Art of Pastry - The Online Pastry Course with Christian Hümbs

For Christian Hümbs, it was clear from his childhood that he wanted to become a confectioner. With multiple facets, the native of Oberhausen began his career with a double training - first as a confectioner, then as a chef.

Christian Hümbs. He is someone who likes to wear a cap, sneakers and a designer stubble. Someone who eats a French roll in the morning, or sometimes two. Very relaxed. And then there is the accurate Hümbs. The one who doesn't leave a single gram to chance in the kitchen. Weighs everything, really everything. A perfectionist. And one of the best pastry chefs Germany has to offer. That's who WE wanted!

Where he has worked, the stars are at home. He worked for Johann Lafer at the "Stromburg", at Hamburg's "Haerlin", at "La Mer" on Sylt and as head pastry chef at Zurich's hotel "The Dolder Grand". Hümbs has been known in the scene at the latest since he created his aroma menus, which bring the salty into the sweet. But Hümbs is not only something for the exclusive circle of star cuisine lovers, he is also suitable for the masses. He has been demonstrating this for years on television as a judge on "Das große Backen". And that's why we also put top model and amateur baker Franziska Knuppe at his side. Who could be a better match for the professional pâtissier than "Das große Backen" winner Franziska Knuppe? Look forward to the joint Meisterklasse "The art of pâtisserie". It will be creative, unusual and insanely delicious.

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No. As a rule, a well-stocked kitchen at home has everything that is needed in the course.

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The Art of Pâtisserie

Christian Hümbs

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