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Jonathan Zandbergen

Cooking was not Jonathan's first love. He was more interested music and dreamed of going on tour with his band. touring with his band. Life changed when, at the age of 20, he became a father father and needed a reliable job. His drive and competitive spirit took him to the top of his industry. top of his industry. So much so that he has received numerous awards, one of which is the Michelin star at the Hotel Merlet restaurant, where he has worked since 2015, and the title of SVH master chef in 2020 are perhaps the most most memorable. He firmly believes in sharing his knowledge and talent to inspire others.
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For Jonathan, cooking is all about the products.
He is passionate about sourcing his ingredients from the region
and makes sure to use only the best. Take a
peek into his world as he reveals his culinary

A wonderful appetizer. Make sure you use only the
best sea bass. Light and delicate flavors,
combined with luxurious caviar, make something very

Ruby red cherries bursting with flavor make
this quinoa salad look and taste sensational.
The combination of fresh flavors is delicious and the perfect
dish for a summer meal.

The secret to a good steak tartare is the meat
you use. Make sure you use the best meat
you can buy. It will be worth it.
Taste it to your liking, and this easy
to prepare dish will impress your guests.

Smoked eel is a true Dutch delicacy.
Here Jonathan complements the rich flavors with a
citrus salad that looks as good as it tastes.

This langoustine bisque is one of Jonathan's signature
dishes and is absolutely delicious. Be surprised by the
unusual ingredients and enjoy the
full-bodied taste.

You probably know the classic North Sea sole.
This delicious fish is prepared by Jonathan with a touch of

Preparing the perfect steak is a feat. In this
episode, Jonathan lends his expertise and
reveals his best tips and tricks for getting it just right

A good gravy can make an entire meal.
The rich flavors of roasted meat are a
must. Jonathan shows the best way to make a delicious
homemade gravy that can be stored in the freezer for any occasion once prepared

Using seasonal produce is an
important part of Jonathan's cooking. This dish tastes
wonderful and combines fresh flavors with a
rich and creamy hollandaise.

Artichokes are truly delicious and packed with good
ingredients. Jonathan shows us how to prepare this
favorite vegetable.

This recipe is a fantastic blend of
summer flavors. Don't be put off making the ice cream
yourself, it's worth the extra effort!

Mille-Feuille, the classic French dessert, is absolutely
delicious, and this version is no exception. Enjoy the
summer flavors and decadent Swiss cream.

If you love pears, then late summer is the best time
of year to enjoy them. Sweet, juicy and nutritious
this recipe is a delicious meeting of flavors
and textures.

Jonathan Zandbergen's passion and love for cooking
is unmistakable. His focus on seasonality is behind
everything he does.

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Example episode (excerpt)

Cherry quinoa salad with haricot verts

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About "The Taste of the Netherlands" - The Online Cooking Course with Jonathan Zandbergen

Jonathan is always on the lookout for the most beautiful and best local products, with respect for animals and nature. After completing an internship at De Librije, he realized how much culinary richness the Netherlands has to offer and what treasures swim in the sea, go ashore and grow from the ground. For Jonathan, therefore, a grower's passion and commitment are invaluable. Dutch produce dominates in this 15-part Meisterklasse , and Jonathan showcases a range of beautiful local produce. The poise and enthusiasm with which Jonathan presents his master classes are inspiring and will give you new insights into your produce knowledge. Immerse yourself in the world of Dutch flavors, join us on a culinary journey through our own country and be inspired by the riches of our Dutch soil.

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