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Andrea Schirmaier-Huber

World champion pastry chef Andrea Schirmaier-Huber is known for her charming TV appearances in "Das große Backen", "Deutschlands beste Bäcker" and "Essen und Trinken für jeden Tag". She is also the author of several baking books and passes on her knowledge in her "Bake and Cook Academy".

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Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
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Who is Andrea Schirmaier-Huber and what can you expect at Meisterklasse ? Andrea shows you the whole range of her confectionery craft in her Meisterklasse, truly masterful.

Basic baking equipment - these are the accessories you need! You would think that everyone knows the basic equipment required for baking. But just when an overview is needed, you might not remember everything. And when is an overview of the baking equipment necessary? - Maybe because someone is moving into their first flat or just starting to bake and needs a list of all the necessary utensils? In this episode, ASH presents you with an overview of the basic baking equipment and explains the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives!

Sponge cake is often the absolute favourite among cake bakers. This is because sponge dough can be varied in many ways, is uncomplicated to prepare and is guaranteed to succeed even for baking beginners.

Shortcrust pastry features in heavy cakes, brilliant sheet cakes, crispy biscuits and crumbly biscuits: hardly anything in the bakery gets away without shortcrust pastry!

This basic recipe for a simple and quick sponge dough can be used for tarts and cakes of all kinds.

What no Frankfurter Kranz, Bienenstich or cupcake should be without? Real German buttercream. With this basic recipe you can easily make it yourself!

In other countries, Italian buttercream is also called Swiss buttercream or Swiss meringue buttercream. Basically, these varieties are all the same, only the name differs. An Italian buttercream is made by folding an Italian meringue into whipped butter. The result is probably the airiest of the buttercreams.

French buttercream is probably the most decadent buttercream of all - no wonder, after all it combines butter, egg yolk and sugar. The cream is delicately melting, not too sweet and incredibly creamy. The cream tastes particularly good with vanilla, chocolate, mocha, orange or similar flavours.

Inspired by the French tarte au citron, but with significantly more acidity from the limes, the Key Lime Pie provides the necessary freshness in the hot but beautiful Florida Keys!

Andrea's favourite pie - Covered apple pie is pure happiness. Juicy filling, tender crumbly shell, easy to prepare. Best to bake straight away!

Each praline is a small masterpiece for Andrea and that is why she invests a lot of love and effort in her pralines. You can taste it. Let yourself be surprised how easy it is to recreate confectionery at home.

As big as a golf ball, chocolaty and of course with a large portion of rum: that's what rum balls are supposed to be like.

Baking a naked cake is easier than it looks. It also tastes heavenly and even makes a great wedding cake! Andrea shows you step by step how to make the perfect, imperfect naked cake. You'll also learn how easy it is to frost the naked cake with a delicious buttercream at the end.

New food trend with a surprise effect. Take a cake and give it a sweet, colourful inside. That's more or less the definition of an Inside Surprise Cake. Cakes with special fillings are also known as piñata cakes on the internet. The nice-sounding synonym is derived from the popular Mexican birthday piñatas, which are filled with colourful sweets inside. So the exciting thing is not necessarily the outside of the cake, but the surprise effect when you cut it. And above all, the question arises: how did the filling get inside?

Without delicate vanilla crescents in a white sugar coating, there's something missing from the biscuit plate. Andrea explains the preparation step by step. So they are guaranteed to succeed!

These chocolate brownies are moist, fudgy, chocolaty and quick and easy to make in just 30 minutes! The best vegan brownies you've ever tasted.

M for Meisterklasse - You'll find these creative alphabet cakes everywhere at garden parties, birthdays and on social media. And rightly so!

Cupcakes with rainbow buttercream as topping are a real eye-catcher and Andrea Scharmaier-Huber shows you how to make them easily with a very simple trick.

The no-bake cheesecake has everything you expect from a cheesecake: a crunchy biscuit base, a creamy cheesecake layer and a contrasting fruity topping. It has what it takes to be your favourite cheesecake! Andrea shows you her absolute favourite creation, men watch out, how about a cheesecake covered with Serrano, crisps and caramel?

Together with Peter Kapp, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber bakes a delicious Palatinate red wine cake. She creates her own version with buttercream, currants and brush strokes - what does your red wine cake 2.0 look like?

Finally, Andrea gives you a few valuable tips and tricks so that nothing stands in the way of your baking pleasure.

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Example episode (excerpt)

Basic recipe for a simple sponge cake batter

What our customers say

About Happy Sweet Bakery - The online baking course with Andrea Schirmaier-Huber

Andrea Schirmaier-Huber is a world champion confectioner, well-known TV baker and successful author. In her Meisterklasse baking course, you too will learn to bake cakes and tarts like a pro. Andrea shows you what basic equipment you need for baking, reveals sophisticated cake recipes and explains how you can make buttercream yourself.

First, the master presents the basic doughs. In addition to the recipe for sponge dough, you will also receive a shortcrust pastry recipe and a sponge dough recipe. You will learn how the German buttercream recipe differs from the French and Italian ones, and you will be able to bake Andrea's personal favorite cake according to a special apple pie recipe.

Whether juicy chocolate brownies, fruity key lime pie, attractive cupcakes or creatively decorated letter cakes: With the master confectioner you will learn to bake by all the rules of the art. Afterwards, baking cakes according to a recipe will be very easy for you and Andrea will tell you the best vanilla crescent recipe for the cookie plate at Christmas.

Together with top baker Peter Kapp, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber presents you a Palatinate red wine cake recipe. You will certainly want to bake this delicious creation with currants, buttercream and brush strokes. According to the motto "Cake baking made easy", the pastry chef will give you valuable tips and tricks at the end of Meisterklasse .

Now only 129 € incl. VAT.
Now only 69 € incl. VAT

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Help / FAQ

→ Basically you need an oven, suitable moulds and trays and a food processor or hand mixer. Otherwise, you don't need any special equipment for the course. However, in addition to the standard kitchen equipment (e.g. baking paper, whisk, etc.), it is recommended to obtain the following utensils:

  • Piping bag with nozzles
  • Scrapers for spreading the cakes
  • Rubber spatula

→ Yes. The course starts with the basics of baking. This includes the equipment, the basic doughs and butter creams. All the other recipes build on these foundations and thus enable every baking beginner to achieve a perfect result at home.

Further questions?

Find out more about the courses and procedures at Meisterklasse.