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Meisterklasse is known from


"The art of barbecue" and "The art of wine".

The pleasure package wine & barbecue

Wine and barbecue make the perfect combination. With the two master classes "The Art of Barbecue" and "The Art of Wine" you get the expertise of barbecue master Lucki Maurer and top sommelier Justin Leone directly to your home.

99 € incl. VAT
99 € incl. VAT

for two Meisterklasse courses

The Art of Barbecue

with Lucki Maurer

Our meat expert and grill master Lucki Maurer shows you from the meat basics to Meisterklasse beef ribs, ribeye, flat iron and many other delicious creations. In 4.5 hours, he explains his recipes to you step-by-step in 27 episodes.

The Art of Oenology

with Justin Leone

Our top sommelier Justin Leone, the rock star of sommeliers, introduces you to the world of wine.
Learn the key features and details of European grape varieties in 36 6.5 hour videos and become a pro at tasting, vocabulary, maturity, technique, storage, wine description and much more.


"The Art of Bread Baking" and "Happy Sweet Bakery".

The pleasure package baking

Turn your kitchen into a master bakery and learn to bake creative breads from top baker Peter Kapp as well as delicious cakes, cupcakes and chocolates from world champion confectioner Andrea Schirmaier-Huber.
Now only 77 € instead of 99 € incl. VAT.
99 € incl. VAT

for two Meisterklasse courses

The Art of Baking Bread

with Peter Kapp

With Peter Kapp, we were able to win over one of the most renowned and at the same time most innovative bakers in the country. With his extraordinary bread creations, he supplies star restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is considered the first poit of call for gourmets such as Juan Amador or Stefan Neugebauer.

Happy Sweet Bakery

with Andrea Schirmaier-Huber

World champion pastry chef Andrea Schirmaier-Huber is known for her charming TV appearances in "Das große Backen", "Deutschlands beste Bäcker" and "Essen und Trinken für jeden Tag". She is also the author of several baking books and passes on her knowledge in her "Bake and Cook Academy".

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