Christian Hümbs

Baileys Macarons

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Baileys Macarons from the master pâtissier Christian Hümbs!

The challenge for budding amateur pastry chefs

The small French pastry for coffee is a challenge in the bakery, but with Christian Huemb's help, you too will succeed. Learn all the tricks of the trade with our free video and workbook in PDF format.

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About Christian Hümbs

Christian Hümbs is probably one of the most creative pastry chefs in Germany today. His success is based on a distinctive signature that he has developed over the years. On television, he is a member of the jury of the SAT.1 show "Das große Backen" (The Great Baking) and as an author he shows unusual combinations with unusual flavours and ingredients in his book "Richtig gut backen" (Bake Really Well).

What awaits you in Christian Hümbs Meisterklasse

"The Art of Pâtisserie".

From cookies to gourmet desserts, you'll learn to prepare cakes, creams, and desserts - explained step by step by the multi-award-winning Pastry Chef of the Year.

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