Advent calendar door twenty

win the GEWÜRZE cookbook by Heiko Antoniewicz Spices are the icing on the cake when cooking! Unforgettable dishes consist of fresh ingredients, aromatically combined, lovingly prepared - and the finesse of the herbs and spices added. After all, it is spices that create true taste experiences - they bring out the best in the ingredients and add a pinch of magic.

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Advent Calendar Door Sixteen

win the Meisterklasse THE ART OF PâTISSERY With Christian Hümbs Christian Hümbs is probably one of the most creative pastry chefs in Germany today. His success is based on a distinctive signature style that he has developed over the years. On television, he is a member of the jury for the SAT.1 show "Das große Backen" and as an author, he shows in

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